“Who Is This?”

“Who is this” is the reply I receive from the hubs when I tell him of my lastest home improvement ideas, that I need money, what I’ve gotten myself into… you get the idea.   I get a “who is this” text minimum once daily.  It’s a thing.

So, this is ME!  I’m a wife to a great man, and a momma to boy/girl twins.  👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 We live in a little town in Kentucky that we both grew up in.  Not quite where everybody knows everybody, but small enough to where you know a few folks usually when you go out to eat.  Home to some beautiful scenery, some great sports teams and great schools.  Complete with a Walmart and a movie theater.  😂👍🏼 For real tho… but seriously, I LOVE our town!

I like to dabble in lots of things.   I have 2.5 million projects going on, none completed, at any given time.  I’m always a little crazy and off kilter but somehow usually manage to accomplish whatever is going on.   I’m super organized and also very messy, it’s a problem.   My brain has way more thoughts going through it than it’s capable of processing and my words sometimes come out jumbled- writing is easier for me.  👍🏼  I am quite mediocre at a lot of things!

I’d like to tell you that we are super healthy and grow what we eat and such, but I actually buy it down the road at the local farmers market or Kroger.  I did have big plans for a garden this year though!   The hubs even plowed me a plot for a garden after I convinced him I was ready to be a farmer.  So far it still just dirt… I think I missed planting season.   🤔  Maybe we can dig some night crawlers from there and go fishing instead, anyway. But so far the only things I’ve grown are lots of flowers and shrubs.  🌺🌿

For years the world of Facebook has heard my crazy twin stories and so many friends have told me “I hope you’re writing this down!”  and “You should write a book”.   Truth is, I have written very few things down.    And many of the funny things I’ve already forgotten until someone else brings it. 😞  So I’ve decided to create this blog as a way to record our life.   The funny, the real, the raw, the happy, the normal life stuff.  I want them to look back someday and see what momma was like when they were little kids.  I want to look back myself and to remember the little moments.   Maybe along the way if someone else is reading our story will somehow inspire or encourage them in someway.   I hope you enjoy.

-This is me

A small piece of my story

A small piece of my story

We all have a story, and, for the most part, we get to write it ourselves.  While some circumstances are out of our control, we get to choose what we do with the circumstances.  But I’m just gonna say this, the twins turning 6 is emotional for me!  It’s straight up hard!  I’m having wet eyes (as my sister says) while I type this.  My heart hurts, my feelings hurt, my eyes are wet, 6 just hurts, y’all!

Rewind 7 years….. baby fever, but no baby, and bad news from the doctors.  It was an emotional and trying time for me.  It seemed everyone around me was pregnant and usually, with ease.  Babies, babies, everywhere!  But, NOT ME!

So…. after weighing options, we tried IUI TWICE.  Major letdown as it didn’t work.  The next options were adoption or IVF.  We chose IVF.  After giving myself many shots in the stomach and thigh, many tests to check my fertility levels, many trips to Cincinnati, and MANY MANY MANY prayers we FINALLY FINALLY got a positive blood test.  With numbers high enough confirming that both of the babies we had put in had most likely implanted- AND THEY HAD!

Fast forward….. 6 years.  We are here, one boy, one girl, two healthy miracles I couldn’t be more thankful for.  I wish I could freeze time and do it again, with them.  All of it.  They are perfection.  If you’ve met them, you love them.  We prayed so hard for them. For every. single. aspect.  My sister jokingly calls them “unicorns” hahahaha, but really, they’re just hand picked miracles that God knew we needed.